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How to Mount Pot Lighting Installing pot lights is a great way to illuminate your residence. These fixtures are recessed into the ceiling and can assist brighten a space without occupying excessive flooring space like other conventional illumination alternatives. You can pick from a variety of components that are developed to fit virtually any type of ceiling, and also can even match other recessed fixtures in your home for a cohesive appearance. Some are also offered in various colors, so you can find one that functions well with your residence’s style. They’re additionally fantastic for creating a significant influence in your space. You can place them over an item in the room that you want to highlight, such as a large mirror or cabinet. When installing pot lights, it’s important to comply with the supplier’s directions to ensure that your setup is secure and also effective. You need to additionally mount only the most ideal lights that fulfill your certain requirements and choices. There are several factors that will certainly impact your results, so it’s finest to call a certified electrician for professional guidance as well as assistance. If you’re mounting your own recessed lights, take into consideration these pointers prior to you start: 1. Constantly use security equipment when servicing a circuit in your house. 2. Make certain to shut down the power in your home’s service panel (breaker box) before you start any kind of electric work. 3. Utilize a non-contact voltage tester to evaluate the power before you begin reducing any type of drywall or wiring your new lights. 4. Make certain you use a ranked light bulb for your pot lighting fixture. 5. Do not mount greater than one light per circuit. 6. Keep the distance in between pot lights and insulation to suggested degrees. 7. If you’re setting up a recessed pot light fixture in a bathroom or shower, utilize an appropriate trim ring that is ranked for the product in your shower. 8. Make sure you set up the trim ring as well as light bulb as directed by the producer’s directions. 9. Do not fail to remember to switch over out the old component for the new one when you’re done. 10. You can install recessed pot lights on popcorn ceilings. If your ceiling is a true snacks ceiling, the setup process for pot lights must be fairly uncomplicated. However, if you have a bumpy ceiling texture, you might need to ravel the edges of your popcorn ceiling to make certain that the pot light will rest flush versus it. This is an extremely standard and easy process that can be done by any person, yet you should take care to adhere to the instructions on your recessed lights fixture. 12. Remember that you need to never mount a recessed light in your home’s attic or any type of various other area that has insulation in it. 13. If you’re developing a brand-new residence, you ought to use an “IC ranked” pot light when positioning it in any component of the ceiling that has insulation in it. The IC-rated pot light will certainly safeguard versus electrical fires. You can still make use of a non-IC-rated pot light in any type of various other area, but you will certainly need to make sure that you are keeping the range between the pot light and insulation to recommended degrees.

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