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Common Lawn Sprinkler Repair Problems
A well-designed and maintained sprinkler system is a great way to keep your yard green and healthy. They use a programmable schedule and strategically placed watering heads to ensure evenly distributed watering in any season. But just like anything else, a sprinkler system requires periodic maintenance and repairs in order to stay up and running at full strength.

A few common lawn sprinkler repair problems include leaks, clogged pipes and electric faults. While some of these issues are relatively easy to solve yourself, others require professional help from a certified irrigation repair expert.

A leak in the pipes that feed your sprinklers can be very frustrating and can cause water pressure to drop, resulting in uneven water distribution in certain areas of your lawn. It can also lead to excess moisture in a particular section of your lawn and, eventually, soil erosion.

The best solution to a leak in your pipes is to have a professional come out and assess the situation. A professional will be able to find the source of the leak and repair it without creating additional damage.

Soaking a sprinkler head
A clogged sprinkler head is a problem that can easily be fixed by soaking it with a solution of warm water and vinegar. This will soften and loosen any dirt or debris, and will allow the head to spray water again.

It is important to clean a sprinkler head regularly, as this will help it stay in tip-top shape. This will also prevent dry spots in your lawn and a lack of water pressure.

Soak your sprinkler head and check its arc and angle before it goes back on the ground, as this can help it spray more evenly and effectively. If it is sagging or not spraying water as it should, you can adjust the arc or angle with a small screwdriver.

Electrical faults
If the controller of your sprinkler system isn’t working, there is a good chance that it needs to be replaced. The controller is a complicated electronic device that communicates with the valves in your sprinkler system to open and close them. It uses a solenoid that acts as a traffic signal for the valves, and it can break or become clogged, causing problems with water flow.

The solenoid can be replaced by yourself or a professional, depending on the model of your sprinkler system. Consult your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on the process and follow the steps carefully.

Changing your solenoid isn’t a difficult task, but it can be messy. It is recommended to hire a sprinkler repair professional to perform this job for you, so be sure to check out their credentials first!

Replacing your solenoid is a simple and inexpensive project. It is usually a simple process to replace, and you should be able to find replacements at a local big-box home improvement store.

Soaking the solenoid and testing its voltage is a quick way to determine if it needs replacing or not. This is an important step in repairing your sprinkler, as it will tell you how well all of its components are functioning together.

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